The home of OZ3Z

Welcome to my WEB site.
My name is Anders, and this site is all about me and my favorite hobby “Hamradio”. I am a 1964 model, and was licensed as OZ1GDR back in 1981. Changed to the more nostalgic call sign OZ3Z in 2005.

My interest for radio started with CB-radio, but I ended up being licensed Radio Amateur.

For many years HF band was my favorite, but now I am mainly working VHF – UHF & SHF.

For several years I have participated in the Nordic Activity Test on 144 – 432 – 1296 – 2320MHz and 10368MHz – I assure you this is fun!

15/01-2019 I changed QTH for personal reasons. New QTH is JO45UN in the western part of the city Fredericia.
QTH is located at 22m ASL, and I expect my future tower will be 12m AGL + pipe for antennas
Take off at JO45UN is limited compared to my former QTH at JO55BJ, but I prommise to make everything as good as possible.