144MHz 600W PA

This amplifier is based on two 300W pallets (MRG141G) earlier used in a Israeli paging system. No tuning was needed, they were used near 144MHz.
I also purchased two Anaren combineres, a Multifunction Amplifier Control Board (v5) from W6PQL, and made a small LM317 PSU to provide bias voltage for the amps.
As PSU I use 3 pcs. Mean Well 350W 27V SMPSU’s in parallel, thin wires give a small voltage drop, think this makes it possible to work the SMPSU’s in parralel. Heatsink is is surplus from a welding machine, chassis is also surplus, found it on www.brugtgrej.dk. Coalx relays is found on Ebay, sma for Rx side, N type used on high power side. 
No fancy protection systems added, I watch for blue smoke in my shack, and repair if needed. So far nothing happend, have been used in several years without faliure.