432MHz 2000W PA

Next PA project for 432MHz is planned. (writing this in 2019)
I was lucky to to get a nice 2kW water cooled LDMOS PA made by Plisch.
PA0EHG have described how to modify each 250W pallet, see more here:
This PA consists of two 1kW PA which are combined to 2kW. Each PA consists of a driver pallet and 4 high power PA pallets.
In total I have to rebuild 10 units, looking forward to this.

1 of 2 pcs. 1kW 432MHz PA incl. 3 x 400V to 30V PSMSU
Driver – combiner and 4 x PA
250W pallet
At the right you can see both low power splitter and high power combiner
50 ohm 625W dummy load for port 4 on combiner