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432MHz PA


On 432MHz I use two pallets with each 2 pcs. LDMOS type SD56120M from ST.
Each pallet provides app. 230W and has a gain on 13 - 16 db. I run it softly by feeding with 20W, and have only 400W out.
Building this PA was a challenge to me, as I didn’t have knowledge about how to connect 4 port Wilkinson combiners right.
The result was two burns LDMOS, expensive knowledge but now I know more about this.
I purchased these 2 pcs. 230W pallets from a guy in Hungary, and they was obviously stripped from a 400W 19" cooling enclosure, and by coincidence I found 2 pcs. complete 400W PA in Holland. I purchased them, and PA5DD was kind to deliver them to me. So now I have a 800W PA project waiting for my attention, all parts is ready, only free time to do it is missing.

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