HF-station: ICOM IC-756 PROIII
I use this rig on HF and 50MHz, and as IF for my transverters at 70MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, 1296MHz, 2320MHz and soon also on 10368MHz. To be able to use
this radio on 2320MHz and 10368MHz, I use my old Elecraft 28/144MHz transverter as extra IF. 
Yes, I use this radio for 15 different bands…
it´s bechause I love this rig 🙂
Second HF-station: Kenwood TS-2000X 
Earlier I used this radio on 144MHz, 432MHz and 1296MHz, but since I start using transverter for these bands, the TS-2000X is reduced to be backup station. Equipped with the DRU-3A makes it perfect in contests, a decent backup radio for sure.
144MHz all mode station: Kenwood TR-751E
I use this 144MHz all mode tranciever as IF for my 10368MHz portabel setup.
Ameritron AL-800HX HF PA providing app. 800W Nice to have if I some day decide to work HF bands again.At present I only have a W3DZZ for HF,
so it´s possible for me to make some noise below 30MHz if I want to.
1296MHz PA based on DF9IC construction.
Each pallet can produce 250-300W so I run them quiet
by taking 250W out as this is legal limit here in Denmark 😉
600W 144MHz PA based on two comercial MRF141G pallets.Used for several years, but is now replaced by 1500W Harris Platinium CH6 modified by OZ1CT.You can see more about this at OZ1CT WEB Page

432MHz 460W PA based on two comercial pallets with each 2 x SD56120MThis project is never build into an enclosure, is just place on the shelter and connected to PSU -Xverter and antenna.I´m a bit embarised aboth this, but I think it wil last in this condition as I now work on a 2000W water cooled LDMOS PA. More about this project later…
Kuhne TR 144 H +40 for 144MHz and
Kuhne TR 432 H for 432MHz
Kuhne MKU 13 G2 for 1296MHz
Kuhne MKU 23 G2 for 2320MHz
Kuhne MKU 10 G2 for 10368MHz
Transverter is placed 10cm from feedhorn
what You see is only the control box in My shack.
OZ7IGY Transverter and PA for 70MHz
and My rubidium used to controll critical LO’s
Ericsson PA for 2320MHz
See more at my project page