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Welcome to my WEB site.
My name is Anders, and this site is all about me and my favorite hobby "Hamradio"
I am a 1964 model, and was licesend as OZ1GDR back in 1981.
Changed to the more nostalgic call sign OZ3Z in 2005.

My interest for radio started with CB-radio, but I ended up as a "HAM"
For many years HF band was my favorite, but now I am mainly working VHF - UHF & SHF.
At the moment I enjoy participating in the Nordic Activity Test on 144 - 432 - 1296 - 2320MHz and 10368MHz.
Moved to new QTH in Vissenbjerg Fyn Marts 2016 and got permission to to build my new 18m tower October 20166. December 2016 I was ready to participate in 144MHz NAC test using my new tower for the first time.
My new QTH is in JO55BJ and it´s 106m ASL. Only problem is a lot of trees around me.
I hope my tower is high enough to ensure good take off, but 3cm will for sure be limited.

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