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OZ3Z is a 1964 male model manufactured in Fredericia Denmark.
Licensened in 1981, call was then OZ1GDR, but was lucky to get the short call "OZ3Z" in 2005.
During the years I have found HF band the best place to work, but as sun spots became rear in a long period, I started to work on VHF and UHF.

Now I wonder why it took me so long time to get started on 2m - 70cm and higher bands, as this is REAL fun!

My QTH is placed 15m ASL, and my tower is only 13m AGL, so I´m not capable competing whit big gun VHF/UHF stations in Denmark, but it´s still fun to compete with my own results in NAC test´s. Airplane scatter is a good way to strecthen the ODX, and thanks to DL2ALF we now have a tool to choose the right airplane for QSO.
For those who use AirScout my acurate position is: Lat: 55.541638 Lon: 9.717430 antenna hight 13m over ground, tower foot 15 over sea level.

If you want a sked, look for me on ON4KST chat room, send me an SMS on +4523304618 or email anders(hate spam)

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