OZ3Z is a 1964 male model manufactured in Fredericia Denmark. Licensed in 1981, call was then OZ1GDR, but was lucky to get the short call “OZ3Z” in 2005.

During the years I have found HF band the best place to operate, but as sun spots became rear in a long period, I started to work on VHF, UHF and SHF. Now I wonder why it took me so long time to get started on VHF, UHF and SHF, as this is REAL fun!

My QTH is placed 106.5m ASL, and my tower is 17.5m AGL, so my antennas are placed between 125m and 130m ASL. My QTH is probably the highest placed hamradio QTH on the island Fyn, but I have a lot of forest around me, and some of it is unfortunate higher than my antennas. So GHz work can therefore be limited in some directions when there is leaves on the trees. If you want a sked, look for me on ON4KST chat room, send me an SMS on +4523304618 or email anders(hate spam)oz3z.dk