AirPlane scatter

Most participants in “VHF and up” contest like to benefit from Airplane scatter, some see it as cheating, as QSO´s have to be arranged in some way.
To me arranged QSO’s is not cheating, but a way to ensure the highest activity in contests, and also an extra challenge a good operator should be able to handle. -And we are talking about real multitasking here, as below have to be handled synchronously:

– Right frequency, some have one QRG for SSB, and another for CW?
– Right antenna direction, perhaps you have multiple set of antennas ?
– Decode CW, or talking in a other than native language
– Handle the log, typing fast and without failures
– Have an eye on SWR and power from the PA’s
– Reply in a friendly tone when wife and children talk to you during the test
Below is extra for arranged (Airplane) skeds:
– Look for possible Airplanes in Airscout or Tucnak
– Arrange skeds on ON4KST chat room,
(remember to reply in a good and friendly tone)
– Keep track on several skeds at the same time

If you don know about airplane scatter, please take a look here

I use “Airscout” to get an idea about the possibility to make a Airplane scatter with a fellow station, simply by typing him and he´s locator in, and look at the result afterwards.
Many stations is not aware of their possibility to make a AP scatter QSO with me, so I have decided to do the job for them, See the results in my online picture album