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VHF Aurora :Status
144 MHz Es in EU :Status
70 MHz Es in EU :Status
50 MHz Es in EU :Status
144 MHz Es in NA :Status
From The DXrobot
Today's MUF & Es :Status

DX Sherlock 2.3 - QSO real time maps:
450MHz an up

Sporadic-E clouds location and estimated MUF real time map

ON4KST - The low band, VHF, UHF and microwave chats:
50 & 70MHz Chat
144 & 432MHz Chat
Microwave Chat

Above links lead to HTML based chat, but I can strongly recomend to use KST2me, a free telnet based client developed by OZ2M Bo.
Download KST2me here

If you want to make flight scatter QSO´s on 432 & 1296 MHz, you can calculate bearing and see where the flight have to be located when QSO should be possible by using SM7LCB Path and scatter Map II
See flight trafic on

You can also choose the programm "AirScout" developed by DL2ALF.
This program makes it easier to determine when you are capable of using an airplane for scatter QSO.

If you´r active on VHF/UHF/SHF in Denmark, you have to visit the Danish VUSHF page.

Hope to see you on the bands soon!

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