ICOM IC-7610. This station have a wonderful receiver, and is the new main rig in my setup.
I use it as IF for my transverters for 70-144-432-1296 MHz
Icom IC-9700
I have added GPSDO + injection board from Leo Bodnar, to ensure the needed stability for digimode.
ICOM IC-7300 is a fine rig, compact and easy to use.
Have used it for 50 and 70MHz + added the DB6NT transverter interface.
Used this rig af IF for my transverters until I got my IC-7610 in 2023.
As long as I can avoid big signals from fellow hams, it´’s doing a fine job.
This amp is purchased in 2021 using it mainly for 4 and 6m, and now and then also at 10m and 12m.
This setup is “state of the art” and I am so glad for these Kuhne transverters.
I have four transverters, 70-144-432 & 1296 MHz

Have also build Kuhne kits for 2400MHz, 5760MHz and 10368MHz.
Looking forward to the day where my neighbour contries also work at 2400MHz
These two transverters are not in use at the moment.
1296 MHz is a Kuhne kit with 20W PA
2400 MHz is actual my old 2320MHz transverter, where X-tal is exchanged.
It’s is also a Kuhne kit, but only 0.5W out.
Here is my old 70 MHz transverter with 25W out
Kits used is from OZ7IGY team.
On top is my 10 MHz rubidium witch I use to lock my LO’s on all transverters from 144 MHz and up.
This is the shack part of my 10 GHz setup.
It’s only room for the LO and LO amplifier + instrument showing output from transverter and PA witch is located in the tower, close to the feed.
All is kits from Kuhne.
144MHz 600W Home build amplifier
432MHz 1000W Home build amplifier

1296MHz 650W Home build amplifier