Welcome to the home of OZ3Z

OZ3Z is a 1964 male model manufactured and delivered in Fredericia Denmark.
Licensened in 1981, call was then OZ1GDR, but was lucky to get the short call “OZ3Z” in 2005.
During the years I have found HF band the best place to work, but as sun spots became rear in a long period, I started to work on VHF and up.

My QTH in Fredericia is in 22m ASL, but I still dont know if I get permission to put up my old tower.
If I’m lucky, antennas will be placed between 40 and 45m ASL
The highest point within 10km radius is 50m ASL (small peaks) so I hope I´ll be able to have a some fun here 

I´m expect to be QRV on below bands soon:
HF bands, 800W PA and no antennas yet, but I plan to find place for some wire antennas soon.
50 and 70MHz, 1000/25W and no antennas yet, but I have purchased materials for a small 4/6m yagi.
144MHz, 1000W PA and 10 elm. DK7ZB
432MHz, 1000W PA and 23 elm. DK7ZB
1296MHz, 250W PA and 70 elm. from Dual
2400MHz, 250W and 100cm BBQ dish for WIFI.
5760MHz 15W and 65 dish. -have still some work to do before this is ready
10368MHz, 6W and 65cm dish. – have brought a nice 18W PA, hope to be QRV with it soon